Thursday, September 1, 2011

BEDS # 1: My Own BEDA

So I tend to have problems participating in BEDA (Blog Every Day April/August... whichever) when everyone else does, so here it is: Blog Every Day September: BEDS. Note this: I really like beds in general, and will probably write many a BEDS post from my own. This may help to motivate me to write more, or it may help motivate me to sleep more. We're going to find out, either way. Anyways, this post comes to you in THREE parts.

Part one: My final semester of grad school. Intense. On one hand, I am really excited to be done with this program, and on the other hand, I really like going to school. I have only had one of my three courses so far, and I won't start the other two until the 12th. The course I had today is going to be fairly similar in structure to a course I took in the Spring, but with a different focus and slightly different assignments (which is nice, not as repetitive as I was expecting).

Part two: Thanks to Mike's friend, we shall call him HWJC, I am going to be reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo as my next book (after Mansfield Park... talk about different styles!). I actually really enjoy when people who don't know my reading history take a look at my book shelves, and it's fun to ask them to choose my next victim --er, book.

Part three: I really want to learn Sign Language. I only know how to spell out my name, and I am looking into taking a course at one of the local community colleges in the Spring. It's something I have wanted to do since I found out a few years ago that colleges offered ASL as a language, and I think it will be a nice transition into non-schooling after I finish my degree.

See you tomorrow!

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