Saturday, September 3, 2011

BEDS 3: Home is where the heart is

As I sort of mentioned previously, I made a brief trip to my parents' house last night into today to pick up some text books I had ordered for school and some children's books on my required reading list. We have a pretty lengthy reading list for my Children's Lit/Media course, and fortunately I have already read many of the picture books and picked up the copies at my parents' house to bring home to my apartment.

While there, I was able to spend the earlier part of today with a friend I hadn't seen one-on-one in a long time. It was nice to see someone I consider one of my very best friends and even though it had been a while, it was nice and still felt like a normal thing to do. I was worried it would feel forced, but it felt the same as it always did, from childhood, through high school, and beyond. 

Though I love going back to my hometown, and I love the people and the area, it still feels strange. My new apartment feels more and more like home as the days go by, and I am so happy we found a place that we are really determined to stay at for a while. It would be awesome to really make this our home and think of it as such. I will always love going back to my hometown and visiting, and sometimes all I want is to spend time there. I think that Mike and I would both say that our home is wherever we are with each other, as awfully cheesy as that sounds.

Now I am back at my apartment, enjoying our newly installed FiOS. I have missed being able to just turn on the TV and not worry about it stopping and having to choose something else to watch. Always figuring out what to watch on Netflix the past month was getting tiring, and the lazy part of me is glad to veg out for the night and enjoy being a couch potato.

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