Friday, September 2, 2011

BEDS 2: Let there be FiOS

After living in our new apartment for a month, we finally have TV! There was a big debacle with Comcast, and then Verizon was on strike, and so we had internet through the town for a few weeks, and now, finally, we have FiOS. I am so excited to be able to watch real TV channels again, instead of just watching TV shows through Netflix. Though I do love Netflix, I am just excited that we have tv in time for all the new fall programming. I am particularly excited about the new show Sarah Michelle Gellar is starring in, The Ringer.

I spent a good portion of my day today wandering around Target with a good friend. Target is one of the best stores to just wander around, browsing through DVDs or clothes. I wound up buying a few tank tops because the dryer at my apartment destroyed about 5 of mine. The replacements are very cute colors, which I hadn't seen at the other Target I've been to recently. Walmart is another store that's nice to wander around and find random deals.

I am now sitting at the table at my parents' house, talking with my mom, so I will keep this short!

Good night

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  1. I heard about that new show too. I'm curious about it, the last show i remember her in was Buffy. lol. I cant wait to see your new apartment though!