Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BEDS 6: Internship swithceroo

Unexpected work.

Now that I am no longer the "official intern" at the library, there is a new one, and a new "unofficial" one, kind of like I was last year. And it seems to be my job, as the veteran intern, to take charge of the new "unofficial" intern. I met her last week, and she seems very nice, I just don't know how great a job I can do of teaching someone else, especially someone roughly my age. Tomorrow will be my first day introducing the intern to our various marketing strategies. I hadn't been planning on working at the library tomorrow, but it is only for a couple hours, and I've yet to really have a bad day there, so I am sort of looking forward to it.

It also turns out that I will be working at the rink tomorrow. We don't have programs tomorrow, just some hockey, which I don't really have anything to do with. However, a new director from a different rink in our company needs some help with our registration process and how we handle things at our rink. So it turns out I will be working not 1 but 2 jobs tomorrow, which was supposed to be a day off. Sigh.

The fact that Cupcake Wars is on TV right now is making all of this better. That, and that I just cooked the most delicious dinner ever.

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