Saturday, April 9, 2011

BEODA continues (BEDA 8-9)

Every other day really seems about all I can manage. I don't know why this is a flaw that I have, but even when I say "OK, have to blog today," it just doesn't happen.

Today is Mike and his friend's Jean Claude Van Damme marathon. Which means I have now watched 4 Van Damme movies in a row. I keep saying "Van Dammit!" in my head, but haven't said this out loud yet, since I think I'm the only one who finds this hilarious. I have used the past few hours to my advantage, reading two books and starting a third. I read Grace by Elizabeth Scott and Where She Went by Gayle Forman (companion to If I Stay). Now I am on Numbers by Rachel Ward. I'd consider this a productive Saturday. Especially since the day also included coaching two of my students, eating Chipotle for lunch, watching the Bruins win today's game, having Tim Thomas set a new league record, and consuming my mandatory NRG Kick Cumbies slush (see, I can't resist them!).

I haven't updated my book review blog in about a week, sadly, but I think sometimes I get in these zones where I don't want to talk about books, I just want to read them. So for now, that's what I'm going to do. I don't write either of these blogs for anyone but myself, so if I don't feel like updating with reviews, I'm not going to force myself. I'm enjoying the books I'm reading and I love that I still get that feeling of extreme satisfaction when I finish the last page of a book. Often, that feeling is also accompanied by sadness and loss if I don't feel ready to leave behind those characters, or even true joy if I feel a character I like has been done right by.

A while ago, on my other blog, I wrote about why I love reading, how it can transport you to anytime in your life, how I can be the same person reading a book that I was years ago reading a book. I've come to understand that this is also why I like driving in my car by myself. Driving in my car (her name is Lyla) today and listening to a song that I remember listening to years ago can make me feel like that person again. I can remember what my life was like at another instance and see it so clearly. Sometimes this doesn't go so well and I am left feeling unstable and emotional, part of me aching for that time to be back again, and part of me is amazed at how similar or different I am as a person when compared to then.

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