Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cumberland Farms Chill Zone: Or, Why The World Is Good (BEDA 3)

The best thing about my apartment is its proximity to a Cumbies. I can see the Cumbies from my living room and it's about a 30 second walk across the street to get there. The only goods I purchase there are blue Powerade and Chill Zone slush. My favorite frozen flavor is the "NRG Kick" pink one that has a pink tornado as the mascot. The right amount of sugar, caffeine, and tornado flavor. I can't really describe the flavor, because it doesn't taste like any other drink, but if I'm in a bad mood, this drink kicks its butt.

The people who work at this Cumbies also add to its greatness. I don't know where this mix of people comes from, but some of the strangest (though very nice!) people I've ever encountered work there. There's the guy who tells you your total in cents: "That will be two-hundred-fifteen pennies." The woman that has a story for every item you buy: "Oh, cookies? I've made cookies before." The younger guy that looks about 50% employee, 50% shoplifter. The younger girl that judges your purchases: "It takes a real guy to come here to buy tampons" (I think Mike should have responded with, "Oh these? They're for me"). I absolutely love going into Cumbies just for the interactions with the employees. You never know what they're going to say to you or what items of yours they are going to judge you for.

In other news, today was no different than any other Sunday, really. I went to the rink to coach, went to Barnes and Nobles to feed my book habit, and have had 2 of the aforementioned Chill Zone slushes. Now I am settling in for a night of reading The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa and watching the Lord of the Rings movies, per Mike's request. To me this is actually a perfectly wonderful Sunday.

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  1. haha i wonder what the lady would have said if mike responded like that. If i was that woman i would laugh my ass off